Lawn bowling is an outdoor game played on either natural or artificial grass. The ground’s surface could be convex, flat, or uneven, and the bowls or woods are designed to help them travel in a curve. If you looking at picking up lawn bowling, here are tips that a beginner can utilize.

The Objective

Every game has an objective. Getting this objective right is what makes one a winner. The aim of lawn bowling is to draw your bowls as close to the small jack as possible as often as you can. So as you hit, make sure you aim to hit the small jack.


Now that you know the objective, you need to master techniques to help you achieve these objectives. Firstly, always hold the ball with your most reliable hand. Use your middle finger to get a feel of the running edge between the bias and the shaved sides. This helps to guide the ball. Your thumb will keep the bowl stable.

Check your body positioning as well. It will help to anchor your movement and increase your odds of winning the game. One leg should be in front, but make sure your hips are not getting in the way. Try to move your arm in a controlled unit for a pendulum swing.


To have a better advantage in lawn bowling, a simple trick, such as bending your legs when rolling the ball on the grass, can have a tremendous effect. Also, leaning your arm against your leg before you bowl will give you a more stable position and an accurate throw. Try finding a consistent mat position every time you are delivering a bowl.

If you ever find yourself caught with an almost impossible obstacle, stretch one foot out and keep the other on the mat. Also, knocking your opponent’s bowl will add to your points, so aim for that whenever possible.