Whether bowling is something you enjoy for fun or as a form of competition, the sport offers a fantastic chance to unwind and interact with new people. Did you know you can go lawn bowling with your family? If you are considering it, here are tips on choosing a club for lawn bowls for a family fun day.

Do a General Survey

Several clubs in the country offer lawn bowling for family events. Most lure new members by including discounted first-time membership offers. While promotions can be enticing, it is better to check out all the lawn bowling clubs near you. This way, you will have a list of options with different promotions, making it easier to narrow down to the right choice.

Consider Your Family Setting

Families are dynamic, and different lawn bowling clubs will try to be just as diverse. However, there is always one club that will work with your family setting. For example, if you have teenagers, it would be more practical looking for clubs that other parents with that age group go to. In as much as it is a family fun day, having a crowd that relates to your kids makes the experience more exciting.


Check on how much you are willing to spend on lawn bowling for family events before settling on a particular club. Always aim to find a club that has a family package. They are often more budget-friendly and sometimes have complimentary services for kids under four.


Finally, how far are you willing to drive to the lawn bowling club? If you would love to have a family trip to the club, then an option that is far away will not be a problem. However, for long-term membership, look for a club near home.

Family fun days do not always have to be about going to the park or visiting a restaurant. You can spice them up by including lawn bowling.