The outdoor lawns for bowling are, of course, the main reason for using the club. The Lawn Bowls Club also has a fully equipped clubhouse for hosting events and parties. These facilities are used throughout the year and non-members, as well as members, can use them. The site has a large kitchen, a spacious area for dining and hosting indoor events, and an outdoor covered deck for viewing the bowling greens.

Various events like Australia Day are events to watch on the large TV, and the Melbourne Cup, and most popular sporting events, like AFL, or Cricket events. The club will make these sessions as interesting as possible, hosting parties and events to coincide with whatever the TV live event is. Next year Serena Williams will be in the Australian Open, and this is one to watch. With interactive TV or mobile phones, you can bet on live sporting events. With some betting sites you can try without downloading without charge. With Google’s new app, you can save a great deal of memory on your phone.

The Lawn Bowls Club hosts parties for family and friends and for corporate businesses. These parties offer various menus with a fully-stocked bar. Menus are usually according to the season, and change per event or party. The parties can be held both inside the club or outside, using the deck and the garden area, depending on the weather and season. The club has various rooms for setting out a party area and there is plenty of space for a large gathering.

Parties can be arranged by members and their friends. Businesses can use the club for meetings and parties for their colleagues and clients. When rival clubs play at the Lawn Bowls Club, a meal is supplied for both teams and their supporters.

New entrants to university and colleges have used the Lawn Bowls Club for their orientation events. Learning the skills of bowling will add to their future soft-skills as well as socializing in teams, and doing exercise in the open air with their group and others at the club. This is a healthy start for their education.