Everyone has to start somewhere. When you are totally new to a sport you need advice from more experienced players. Starting at the Lawn Bowls Club you will find other club members who will be glad to help and share their knowledge with you.

Club members will help you find your way around the club, and this will be quite a full programme of information and events to catch up on. They will help you with your club uniform, bowls and advise you on how to get the most out of your lawn bowling.

All ages are welcome at the bowling club. Very young children will need to be supervised by an adult, but they can learn about bowling. Admittedly, they will not be allowed too near a serious game between adult teams. There will be practise areas that allow young children to learn to bowl. If the whole family is new to this type of bowling, or any bowling, then club members will help you get started with bowling. There will be many events and parties to help you socialize with members and make new friends. This can be a very rewarding family day out and a regular family pastime.

One event at the Lawn Bowling Club is the welcome and orientation event for college and university new students. As lawn bowling is a healthy, outdoor activity, and the club has a sociable and friendly atmosphere, it is the perfect choice of venue for this event. New entrants to university and colleges using the Lawn Bowls Club for their orientation events are learning the skills of lawn bowling and learning to socialize in a different setting. Everyone likes to be social and interact with friends and, for students, this is particularly important, as they will make lasting friendships through their college years.