The members that get together regularly and want to improve their bowling and club facilities are star members, who help to make their club unique. Yet, all the members usually want to keep their club up-to-date and help with any improvements. These same members will always add fun and sparkle to the seasonal events they attend. Looking at the past year of a lawn bowling club, the events in the past seasons stand out as very enjoyable due to the enthusiasm and humour of the members themselves. Winter events are still to be enjoyed, so we will take a look back over a typical past year of member events.

This new season starts with the Official Opening of the Green. This is always a full-uniform day. All the members are invited to this ceremony, which is a tradition amongst lawn bowling clubs. It heralds the beginning of a new year of lawn bowling.

In October, the Yellow Tails Bubble Cup Melbourne Cup Day will bring smiles to all the faces who participate; usually, with social bowls, a slap-up meal, a contest for the best-dressed male and female, and the option to bet on the races while watching on the big screen. This will be a chance to dress up especially for the occasion, and a very eventful and fun day will be had by all.

Another event, Barefoot and Burgers, is a fun type of event for lawn bowling. A day for families to take part in social-bowling while barefoot to ‘feel the grass’ beneath their feet. All members enjoy this relaxed family day. The Grand Final for the inter-club league and championship teams is usually held in September.

In preparation for the new season in the spring, garden areas and outdoor decks are spruced up. If there are new areas of decking or garden required, the area will be cleared and replanting done at this time.

Members are usually invited to register to play in the upcoming Stellar Victoria Open tournament for November.

The Club Annual General Meeting is held in late April. This includes giving out the Annual Awards. Happy winners each receive their trophies at this event.

The Club Championships will have concluded in March. Awards are later given out in late April.

At this time of year, students from local colleges like to hold their welcome and orientation groups at lawn bowling clubs.

Story-telling from Annexe Arts, which is hosted monthly throughout the year by some lawn bowling clubs is an additional event for members.

Australia Day, January 26th, is celebrated at most lawn bowling clubs with a BBQ lunch and social bowling; a wonderful way to celebrate the day.

The weather may be extremely hot, but the bowling teams put in the same enthusiastic effort into their cool-downs and ice- cold drinks as their bowling.

Lawn bowling is an all year round activity, whatever the weather is like outdoors.