Family parties need fun, laughter, games and lots of food. Where better to entertain your family than the Lawn Bowls Club? So many hours of fun, lawn bowling and enjoying your family’s company. Plenty of room to stretch out with a large hall that can cater for up to 100 guests and two lounge bars. A substantial kitchen and full bar add the essentials for a great family gathering. No need to have to work to make your event sparkle; having your party at the club will make this a pleasure for the host as well. To make sure you stay safe in the sun with UV rays check out this colour change wristband. It’s a convenient way to avoid over-exposure to UV rays and keep you and your family safe in the sun.

With all the special times a family gathers together, like birthdays and milestone birthdays; it is a time to have fun and be sociable. Lawn bowling is both fun and sociable, and with the clubhouse facilities like the large rooms for entertaining, eating and drinking, your family event will be fondly remembered.

With a hall that can seat a large crowd of people and a fully equipped kitchen, your family will enjoy their meal, no matter how large your family gathering is. Take a seat out on the large deck overlooking the two bowling greens, or step into one of the two lounge bars. This is family entertainment for all ages – and without having to worry about the catering.

Lawn bowling is a great way to have fun with your family and friends. They might beat you at bowling and show just how talented they are. Or, maybe not. Either way, you’ll have a fun day and a successful family event. Lots of room for lawn bowling, lots of room for eating and drinking, and lots of room on the decks for watching the bowling. Enough space to spread out and relax, and party. Fresh air and sunshine, good food, friends and family and learning to lawn bowl in pleasant surroundings.