If you want to impress or please your business clients, what better way to make them welcome than having your meeting in a pleasant setting with lawn bowling? Lawn Bowling Clubs have a relaxed atmosphere, lawn bowling in the open air, entertainment in the restaurant, lounge bars and large comfortable decks to watch the bowling. A sociable way to entertain your clients.

When you need to entertain your employees with a social event or you need a seasonal social trip for your workplace, why not take your staff bowling? Not just any bowling, but a trip to the open-air bowling greens and clubhouse of any Lawn Bowling Club. With a brand new deck, adorned by devoted members, restaurants and capacious greens, this is the bowling destination to head to.

So, how much fun can your team take? The action will involve running after bowls, with everyone aiming to win. The competition will be intense, yet the atmosphere will be social and friendly. After all, it’s only a game. With friendly bowling and plenty of deck space to watch from, your staff can spread out over the club and enjoy their trip. Lawn bowls will be addictive, in a pleasant way.

If your staff have never been bowling on greens, they are in for a fun time bowling. The club will provide assistance for newbies to the sport. It is very different to a bowling alley. The sport requires a great deal of skill to make the bowls actually roll to the correct place. It is harder than it looks to bowl on greens. It is quite an exercise, and your staff will enjoy it.

With a fully equipped kitchen and a large seating area, there is no shortage of space at this restaurant to cater for your group. It will provide all the sustenance you need, and add to this a full bar, and you have the ambience of any other type of restaurant. Follow a relaxing meal with a seat in one of the two lounge bars to talk over the day’s events. Outside, there is a large deck to comfortably watch the bowling on both greens.

Your corporate event will be successful, and you will have an event your colleagues and clients will appreciate. This sociable Lawn Bowling Club will create happy work memories for you and your staff.