Most Lawn Bowling Clubs are competitive with other clubs, and they are members of the Lawn Bowling Club’s leagues and championships. They usually have historical photos and trophies from their own winnings. The club as a winning club would give the future bowlers the incentive to keep winning and enjoying the sport. Usually, all winning trophies would be kept for the pride of the club and displayed in the clubhouse.

Every year the Opening of the Green is an official part of the sporting calendar for any Lawn Bowling Club. This is one day when all teams attend in club uniform other than to play in serious tournaments or sporting events. The event is open to all members of the club and this year was no exception.

Every year the club participates in a club championship. Winners achieve trophies which are presented at the Annual General Meeting. Lawn Bowl Club members have their own team colours and uniform when playing against teams from their own club. When they are playing against other clubs they also play in their club uniform. These championships and tournaments are played as a dedicated sport. It is different from the social bowling which is for fun and sociability. The social bowling, though, is a good practice for the team bowling.

Numerous tournaments are hosted at Lawn Bowls Clubs, sometimes for a one day special and sometimes weekly events. Members are often invited to other clubs to play their teams in their tournaments, and likewise, other clubs are invited to play here. The Stellar Victorian Open tournament is another event where members are invited to register to make up teams to play.

As well as playing lawn bowls, the club helps newcomers learn the sport. They can develop their skills and enjoy the facilities of the club. Other members are very supportive of the learning members. New generations learn to appreciate the sport. Young college students used the facilities for their welcoming party to new students; a definite recommendation from a younger generation. Families enjoy congregating at the club for social events or regular family trips to the club. There is a great deal of interaction with all ages in this sport. Any age is the right age to be learning skills with lawn bowling, and the younger ages really enjoy this sport.