Lawn bowling clubs strive to be the best and try to attain the largest community hubs, in their area. It is a type of club where members can get together and share their interests, such as following other sports besides bowling. All members get a full year’s lawn bowling, and a social calendar packed with memorable events.

The lawn bowling clubs have been formed since the 1920s, and members are always proud of a club’s history. The club will grow and change each year. Members like to keep up with the world and local news, as well as the club’s developing and changing facilities. Any new outside decking and updated facilities are very welcome, and the great effort by members to clear and plant a new garden space when required is much appreciated. Garden space will continue to grow and provide an attractive focal point throughout the following years as the plants grow. Members, their families and friends, and anyone hiring the facility for an event can look forward to enjoying their new facilities and garden area. By helping to make their club more attractive, the members add their own special identity to the club.

Every year the greens are opened by a specific ceremony, which is called the ‘Opening of the Green’. This event celebrates the start of a new year of lawn bowling. The associated tournaments and activities which are hosted throughout the year start being organised from this ceremony as a start point for the club year. The Club Championships are played against other clubs, in a league, throughout most of the year. The club members know the members of other clubs because of this competition, and this adds to the numerous events held at the club.

Parties for families or corporate events can be hosted at the lawn bowling club. Mixing business with a sociable atmosphere, or giving your family a special treat are some of the events that can be held at a lawn bowling club.

As the club keeps growing, new members are joining every year. They always receive a warm welcome from existing members. Starting to learn lawn bowling is different from indoor bowling. Until you have tried lawn bowling, you don’t realise how skilled the bowlers are. It is an enjoyable and friendly sport, and it takes a while to become an experienced lawn bowler. New members will settle in very quickly with the friendly members of the club, enjoying the TV events, and watching sport with other members. You will have all the help and advice you could possibly need from experienced bowlers. They will support new members so you won’t feel left out of any activities or events.